Our Strategy

From one-to-one conversations to public action

The Johnson County Interfaith Coalition is a member of the Gamaliel Network, which trains community and faith leaders to create organizations that unite people of diverse faiths and races, though one-to-one conversations and public action, to build just political power. JCIC is led by a Coalition Board made up of representatives from each of our member institutions.
JCIC is funded through the dues of our member institutions, fundraising efforts, and donations from individuals.  We welcome the membership of any institution that shares our values and purpose of organizing for social equity, especially for persons of color.

Our strength is built upon one-to-one conversations in which we establish relationships between leaders in our communities. Through these conversations we overcome the barriers that might ordinarily keep us apart.  We discover our common convictions, passions, and commitments that form the basis of our organizing.  JCIC responds to the felt needs of our communities, identifying the patterns of issues that arise through hundreds of one-to-one conversations.  These common concerns are assigned to task forces that explore the realities and design responses to our community’s problems.

JCIC exercises the strength of an organized community to influence decision makers in their policies of social justice.  By acting in concert, we achieve more than we could as individuals or separate institutions, advancing the common good for all people in our neighborhoods, cities and county.
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